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Dog Walking and In-Home Visit Services

At Liv Cares Pet Sitting Services, we provide personalized dog walking and in-home visit services. Understanding that your schedule can be busy, we offer convenient private dog walks and home visits for times when you're unavailable. Our services are flexible, accommodating dog walking or visits to your home within a 2-hour timeframe. We strive to fulfill specific time requests within this window in most scenarios. Each visit lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, during which we will not only walk your dog but also feed it, administer any necessary medications, and, most importantly, shower it with affection and attention.

Pricing Details:

  • Standard Rate: $25 - $35 per visit, varying based on location, number of pets, and frequency of visits.

  • Duration Options: Choose from 20-minute. Extended durations are also available upon request.

  • Service Inclusions: Each visit includes a walk, provision of fresh food and water, medication application (if needed), and a generous dose of love and care!

Additional Services:

  • Vet Transport: Available for $50.

  • Vet Transport with Stay: Offered at $75, ensuring your pet is transported safely and accompanied during their vet visit.

  • Key Lock Out:  $25

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